Vendredi 22 mai 2009 à 0:41 si j'avais toujours voulu être un fantôme.
Why are you like wind in my head?
Why are surprise always let me down? 

Going through, like a whisper going through the wall. 

"If you tell me to jump, then I'll die
In my dreams, I'm there.
I always hoped that I'd learn how to fly,
In my dreams, I'm there"

I'm getting tired doing nothing all day. Am I in the west ? I'm completly at sea. 

Want to be over everything, being anywhere I want. With anyone I want. Looking through minds, understand feelings better than themselves. Over fences. Over seas. 
In my dreams, under. 


If I could fall into the sky...
If I could only fly...

Want to. The smell of good news... Badam Badam.

Just a memory :
"Fate always loses hope
Like electric sparks in my heart
Fate always loses hope
Now be a good girl and do what you're told"

Par unpasdetravers le Mardi 9 juin 2009 à 5:35
Badam Badam.
Tant que ce bruit raisonne. Aucune raison de s'inquieter. Tu l'entends?

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