Dimanche 24 mai 2009 à 22:25


Or maybe not. Yes is no. A yellow goodbye in a blue afternoon. 

Enjoying sun on a green grass. Listening to birds music and looking at a dark sea. 

And all the roads that lead to you were winding.

But I was still looking at you, our eyes never met.

And all the lights that light the way are blinding.

I'm blind and lost. Away from tiredness. Showing her I hate her. 


There are many things that I would like to say to you.

I saw the photographs. I'm swearing men and bread.

I'll walk away, won't feel the same. 

I don't know how.

I'm swimming in gray. 

I'll be left with the shame. 


Nothing is as much blue as you are. 

The one who saves me?


Vendredi 22 mai 2009 à 0:41

http://petit.pois.cowblog.fr/images/chateauhante-copie-1.jpget si j'avais toujours voulu être un fantôme.
Why are you like wind in my head?
Why are surprise always let me down? 

Going through, like a whisper going through the wall. 

"If you tell me to jump, then I'll die
In my dreams, I'm there.
I always hoped that I'd learn how to fly,
In my dreams, I'm there"

I'm getting tired doing nothing all day. Am I in the west ? I'm completly at sea. 

Want to be over everything, being anywhere I want. With anyone I want. Looking through minds, understand feelings better than themselves. Over fences. Over seas. 
In my dreams, under. 


If I could fall into the sky...
If I could only fly...

Want to. The smell of good news... Badam Badam.

Just a memory :
"Fate always loses hope
Like electric sparks in my heart
Fate always loses hope
Now be a good girl and do what you're told"

Mercredi 20 mai 2009 à 23:27

The front door is open.http://petit.pois.cowblog.fr/images/Elmer.jpg


I'm ready for explanation with myself. It just has to go. 

Outside is not always the best. Sun & sunflowers.

Lonely rain and double Love.

A life of white pictures. Just an amnesic memory.

Life shoud be more than a cold bitterness. 

I want to leave, and meet the ones who know. 

Playing the song and dancing alone. 

A dancing couple in my head.

Is there a live after love ?

I'm feeling better.


The front door is open.

Someone said : It's soon for you. It's soon your turn. 

Mardi 12 mai 2009 à 1:08


Things should happen. 

Like Canada, like sunny days, like kissing the right guy. The things we want them to happen. No hesitation, no more. Even if there are fences, jump over them. Looking foward to realisation and happiness. Enjoying moments, like dreamed. 

No only dreams, life can be dreamed, dreamed life should exist. 

Such a delirium. 

Sad songs left. 


Vendredi 8 mai 2009 à 3:03

  http://petit.pois.cowblog.fr/images/DSC01438.jpgImpression de déjà vu. J'avais échappé à cette solitude que je détestais tant. Et on m'y a rejeté comme une malpropre, comme on jette un prisonnier dans sa cage. Les barreaux piquants. Regarder par la fenêtre. Rien de plus frustrant. Quand j'étais dehors, je voulais visiter les dedans. Maintenant que j'y suis prisonnière, je veux explorer les jardins, les déserts et les montagnes. Courir dans les champs de maïs et danser dans les prairies. 
Comme de l'oublie dans l'âme. Comme la demoiselle à la fenêtre en face. Une larme. Dans ses yeux je lisais. : save me. 
"You've got blood on your hands,
And I know it's mine"

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