Mardi 7 mai 2013 à 0:09

How I feel is not important.
How they look is inconveniant.
Forgotten are all those nice feelings
put together with dirt and hair.
Mix love and hate
with a finger of your soul
get a little spicy cake.
Cause there's no food to recover
from bad feelings
from hurt feelings.
I'll get blue and forget about it.

Your mind is your home.

Dimanche 5 mai 2013 à 0:08

old memories with tea
don't change a bit what you need.
it's love that remains
beneath the dirt and the glitter.
there's no chance left
to border the cliff
and jump onto the river
because it is all that I dream of
when sadness stays too long.

these heavy moments
to free the mind and feel
in the right place.

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