Mercredi 20 mars 2013 à 22:33
Dance, for me the freedom you have in eternal statement.
You never stop and you never feel emprisoned.
Like a flying bird.

Oh man hey.
These blue jeans. Pen and papers can't hold my heart.
Please come and say to me
That he's not gonna rescue me
I'm heart and he's hart
Come And go like he's
feeling and blury days
are fading in his blue jeans away.
Music is rhythm and life a shadow.
Don't respect decisions, but life.
Get that stupid fire
and jump on the state.
Bring ghosts and whitches today
is gonna be hard to play.
Put that sugar in your mouth
and swallow the delicious oat.
Control of your soul
to the birds to follow,
Never stop dancing.

Times are coming.

Mardi 24 avril 2012 à 17:55

There's a journey I have to beginn
cause I can't get out of here
and my future is blury.
There are people I have to meet
to learn good things
cause I am silly.
Good times have to be shared
like sunny days and jokes.
I have to stop hiding
and waiting for someone to rescue me.
And beginn the journey...

Samedi 25 février 2012 à 18:38's always when you get sad that comes the words
always when you get angry that comes motivation
and now, what am I gonna do ?
now that a friend left me, that an other one is angry
and that this one is bored of me ?
there are deep moments
and sad presents. As usual they come together.

Head ached.

Mercredi 15 février 2012 à 0:54, pictures
Black and grey
Fade away
Hold on, hold on
You'll get over it someday

Ewert and the two dragons.

Samedi 21 janvier 2012 à 12:18
I'm full of love, why don't they accept it?
like my memory's gone
into ashes
smoke and nothing
happens that's not fair
want to move but my lazyness is stronger
and again I wish
and cry the rain
cause there's nothing left
but snow in winter
but sun in summer
but anything
you know or don't know
but nothing left
but cold houses and warm fields
and energic kids
and slow grandpas

empty of dreams that made it true
life is full of activities but empty of dreams
dancing in a loving dress
dreaming of beauty
if only
we'll live for ever
until we become
adults and cry

life's just a fuck
hope for the hopeless

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