Vendredi 25 mars 2011 à 0:24

 Fantasy. trees and guitars, it's the same.

Make me tea for real.

We used to speak with no sleep. 

I like it like that. That's true.

Never the same. 

Maybe better, but can't imagine.

The people.

Looking and fooling. Around the parc.

So many dogs. Pouah. 


And the night's just started. 
It's not winter anymore.

Dimanche 27 février 2011 à 19:09

I need to restart.
God i'm bad.

I know where to go, who to call. Cause I'm not alone anymore.
Breaking all the signs and all the rules. Into wildness.
I can't focus on one thing. Anymore.
In time, he's not.

Cause it's beautiful and they'll like it.
I write for myself, not for them. They're stupid and will never understand.
Sophistication and softness.
Fast as a train, slow as a dog.
Never you'll understand.
Cause I'm myself, and haha. others or wonderwolrd, where I'm heading to.
Getting there, maybe in some days. Years. 21.
Flowers, spring is coming.
Soon I'll be dancing there.

Burden hair and red bag. I'm on my way, in my mind.
Cause they're so far away, they're loosing mind.
Is it enough ? Full as a glass, heavy as a bag.
Still waving to me. Wish anyhigh.

Brain starts again. Way to confusing.
Wish they still liked me. She.
Like a sun lights over clouds.
Everything can still be invented, as words.

Don't have time to sleep, it's steaming.

Lundi 5 juillet 2010 à 1:51
Bitter soft rhythm in her head, that flows with the mind,
Burning stars and spining fireflies haunt daily laiziness. 
Nothing to do, nothing to dare,
her reckless hair flows back in the air.

But still the fair movement of them,

back in the shed,
over on the field,
quite slowly on the routes,
they travel with much content.

Much to do, and much to see,
they play
with irony.
He's the only one to be,
he's the only one to know.

Mercredi 2 juin 2010 à 18:31's not summer yet.
Can't be exited about love yet.
Can't bother them longer.
Superficiality about being cool.
Since I've come. I'm getting older.

Wainting for the sun. Come and disturb me.
Pain and waiste.
Smiles against embrassement.
What is there to gain ?
Down, too down, into oceans.
Beside the sides,
never see you again.

Lundi 17 mai 2010 à 0:52's like everything I live is not enough. Like I can't go out of boredom. Status changing is required. I feel like I need something. Not to feel. Not to structure, neither control. Just to be real and honnest.

It's time to loo. Well now.

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