I need to restart.http://petit.pois.cowblog.fr/images/464045970078736701.jpg
God i'm bad.

I know where to go, who to call. Cause I'm not alone anymore.
Breaking all the signs and all the rules. Into wildness.
I can't focus on one thing. Anymore.
In time, he's not.

Cause it's beautiful and they'll like it.
I write for myself, not for them. They're stupid and will never understand.
Sophistication and softness.
Fast as a train, slow as a dog.
Never you'll understand.
Cause I'm myself, and haha.

http://petit.pois.cowblog.fr/images/10132122894411713810351455936909094343273n.jpgThe others or wonderwolrd, where I'm heading to.
Getting there, maybe in some days. Years. 21.
Flowers, spring is coming.
Soon I'll be dancing there.

Burden hair and red bag. I'm on my way, in my mind.
Cause they're so far away, they're loosing mind.
Is it enough ? Full as a glass, heavy as a bag.
Still waving to me. Wish anyhigh.

Brain starts again. Way to confusing.
Wish they still liked me. She.
Like a sun lights over clouds.
Everything can still be invented, as words.

Don't have time to sleep, it's steaming.