Samedi 21 janvier 2012 à 12:18
I'm full of love, why don't they accept it?
like my memory's gone
into ashes
smoke and nothing
happens that's not fair
want to move but my lazyness is stronger
and again I wish
and cry the rain
cause there's nothing left
but snow in winter
but sun in summer
but anything
you know or don't know
but nothing left
but cold houses and warm fields
and energic kids
and slow grandpas

empty of dreams that made it true
life is full of activities but empty of dreams
dancing in a loving dress
dreaming of beauty
if only
we'll live for ever
until we become
adults and cry

life's just a fuck
hope for the hopeless

Mardi 17 janvier 2012 à 20:53's got blue pants, walking alone around
He's got pain in these blue pants
waiting for this girl to smile
with his beer getting drunk
in his blue pants

Nobody dares looking to the guy
with his blue pants
he's looking strange and lonely
in his blue pants

love that guy in his blue pants

Mardi 3 janvier 2012 à 0:08

2we are all monkeys afterall
nobody cares much than about bananas
glimbing trees is our favourite sport
better than in beddies

delicious diners and drunk peoples
nothing rests and is left in the end
cause it is the fault of the beardy man
who doesn't know how to fly

and it's getting late again
leaving us in the deep empty ocean
it's the brutal faith recalling

you are gonna be dead, once2

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