Lundi 15 mars 2010 à 22:21

stock phrases in my minds
there are always more than you think
one is maybe enough
nothing would be mine and perfect

fishes are sharks and
the ocean is a puddle
there gonna die of loneliness
and a lack of maybe
understanding in a way
he watches porn. his sects affairs
thus she's lost into telly

- temporary blocked -

Blind in a world of brightness.
Light has no matter for her.
Just be like a tree in her garden,
better than a withering flower,
or a one-day-dying fly of butter,
at least your leaves are a cover,
a repeating memory of

Lundi 15 mars 2010 à 21:52

what's going on?
days past and i have no words, no sentences/phrases
there is the band of skulls that hurts the guitar
and a few lemons that come by
but my pals are pale
diamonds don't hit me like silver does
- you got to go it's alright
I wanted to see you last night
the house is fresh and still
in the morning she eats soup'm full as empty
going on the river and look to the birds
got to regard right
find a way to understand a thing
at a time you're burning
every morning she eats soup
every day I want to - with you
why are you so sure ?

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