Mardi 24 avril 2012 à 17:55

There's a journey I have to beginn
cause I can't get out of here
and my future is blury.
There are people I have to meet
to learn good things
cause I am silly.
Good times have to be shared
like sunny days and jokes.
I have to stop hiding
and waiting for someone to rescue me.
And beginn the journey...

Vendredi 10 juin 2011 à 0:45 winner is a dreamer who keeps dreaming.

The look of
someone you love
is it so clear, you can't touch it ?
turns you in spirals
before anything else can happen

it doesn't ring cause you're dreaming
something tears you appart
and then we get up
we should, always should.

Stop dreaming and realise,
they say.

Lundi 5 juillet 2010 à 1:51
Bitter soft rhythm in her head, that flows with the mind,
Burning stars and spining fireflies haunt daily laiziness. 
Nothing to do, nothing to dare,
her reckless hair flows back in the air.

But still the fair movement of them,

back in the shed,
over on the field,
quite slowly on the routes,
they travel with much content.

Much to do, and much to see,
they play
with irony.
He's the only one to be,
he's the only one to know.

Vendredi 8 janvier 2010 à 1:48 whispers goodnight.

Nobody cares, and nobody tries.

All I want is the sound of words. But no words.

A melody of flattering and flirtations. But none.

This winter is weird. No home, just blow. 

Cigarettes. Smoke flies all over in my mind. 

Thinking twice, no conscience, cautiousness, hoping that someone.

Come and make it right. 


Private parties and smocking exctasy. This is it. Good sense and more. Through eyes and stupid words, everyone get sucked. Me and you in a future spiral. the world doesn't agree. I'd like to, but reason is better than heart, even if it hurts. Words of wisdom. Want surprises. Ready for these. In my mission, doesn't cry. Bear. Leaves things to change on their time. Heart attack.


Silent. A thorn into my side. 


 = Give it back. 

Lundi 14 décembre 2009 à 23:24

Et maintenant j'ai le droit à nouveau ?

Now, just go, go, go. Like you're leaving.  

Le froid n'a pas le temps de m'engloutir, je cours. On fait tous des bêtises. On fait tous des choses qu'on regrettera. Même si il faut pas. Et ça s'oublie. On oublie. 
Badaboum bada.

Les mots manquaient, les événements fusionnaient. Les pensées ne suivaient pas. Et pourtant, il fallait que ça arrive. Le grand vide soufflé par le vent froid resurgit.  


Contrôlable. Tout est contrôlable. Nous ne sommes que des machines qui ne savent plus penser. 


Regarde autour, les gens dorment. C'est le bon moment pour sortir. Malgré cela, je me laisse emporter dans un long sommeil. Je copie. 

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