Mercredi 12 mai 2010 à 1:49 year. Nov.
Thinking isn't painful. Only if it hurts.
My head' like a cake, becomes cold when there's no sun.
I wish I can't smell rats.
Almost words.

60th day of winter.

Having a life for nothing is a waste. It is only purple.

Nobody can play over the master
piece is a whole in a wood
that comes along and flaters
'cause secrets are strong for good.

5th ice. 11 of M.

I need to write in somewhere.
Ineed to write something.
Life is an unendless puzzle.
Pieces of happiness and discoveries.
Habits of people, habits of hobbies.
What's it all about ?

Nobody can ever answer all questions.
Uncertain rock.

Dimanche 9 mai 2010 à 20:30 for these lies
there she goes
on the rollfloor again

she can't say what she's gonna say
but still hoping for words

good times have to be written
travel and meet people who drive their way
all these years, no time to hurt me

there are songs to enjoy
others to cry and meditate
all these artists can't become famous
anymore, there are some to fly
and they enjoy emptiness

Jeudi 6 mai 2010 à 2:02 I think, something I don't.
Surprises make disconnections wronG.
The only one I'm dreaming of.
Anger and hungeR.
Obscessions make you believe.
No goldfish in the sea.
Family is maybe the last.
Moving fair you now.

Jeudi 6 mai 2010 à 1:51

Soul-sisters. Ain't miss what isn't done.
Labour your past and select your futur.
Where ever else people look you in the eyes.
Just be sure to thank the right ones.
If it doesn't help, stop it right now.
The words come when never espect.
She dreams all day long. She hopes for no diseases.
And nothing gets wrong when she's done nothing.
Moving on or moving forward helps to forget we have a past.
We do, look at people's faces when they smile, ain't when they cry.
Only with bravery. We collapse with memories and coming ideas.
Check your madonna and believe there's one person who'll never forget you.

Lundi 15 mars 2010 à 22:21

stock phrases in my minds
there are always more than you think
one is maybe enough
nothing would be mine and perfect

fishes are sharks and
the ocean is a puddle
there gonna die of loneliness
and a lack of maybe
understanding in a way
he watches porn. his sects affairs
thus she's lost into telly

- temporary blocked -

Blind in a world of brightness.
Light has no matter for her.
Just be like a tree in her garden,
better than a withering flower,
or a one-day-dying fly of butter,
at least your leaves are a cover,
a repeating memory of

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