Samedi 25 février 2012 à 18:38's always when you get sad that comes the words
always when you get angry that comes motivation
and now, what am I gonna do ?
now that a friend left me, that an other one is angry
and that this one is bored of me ?
there are deep moments
and sad presents. As usual they come together.

Head ached.

Mercredi 15 février 2012 à 0:54, pictures
Black and grey
Fade away
Hold on, hold on
You'll get over it someday

Ewert and the two dragons.

Jeudi 20 octobre 2011 à 21:47

The stranger's eye.

Stupid people and boring lifes.
Everybody's just looking for happiness.
We all want to learn more to understand life better.
Cos without knowledge, we're not happy.
But emptiness isn't a pain it's a satisfaction.

Fight for your life. Fight with your brain, your body will follow.

Lay in the red leaves with.
A friend who'd like to jump in the mud and puddles.
Cos we know it's right.
Leaving the days behind us.

Vendredi 15 juillet 2011 à 0:53 cherche mais on trouve devant sa porte. La clef a sa question. La réponse a sa serrure.

Come with me.

That's depending.

On pleure, on pleure. Mais pas de besoin d'avoir peur.

Sauf quelqu'un qui te cherche?

Comme une tristesse qui te suit.

Thanks Bob viens.

Vendredi 25 mars 2011 à 0:24

 Fantasy. trees and guitars, it's the same.

Make me tea for real.

We used to speak with no sleep. 

I like it like that. That's true.

Never the same. 

Maybe better, but can't imagine.

The people.

Looking and fooling. Around the parc.

So many dogs. Pouah. 


And the night's just started. 
It's not winter anymore.

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